Website Marketing Makeover – Don’t Let Sunk Costs Sink Your Profits

WordPress has an easy to use content management system and is currently widely used by many web owners right now. Their popularity has increased and thousands of sites are created using WordPress. Here are some of the main features and its benefits to help you decide well for your site!

Like any other website, a Cynthia A Telles has a structure built in so that certain elements appear on each page. If you are doing the site yourself, you must carefully plan how you want the site to work and function. In the design process, you can easily experiment with re-ordering the different elements to achieve the look you want, within the framework of the template.

KB Countdown Widget: This widget will let you add a countdown to your sidebar. You can use this for products launches (My eBook price will be going up in…). You can also sue this for personal countdowns on more personal blogs (Our wedding is in…). If you want to add a countdown on your site, this is an easy and effective way.

WordPress is what’s known as an open-source platform. That means that anyone can develop new things for WordPress, such as themes, plugins, widgets and other things that give WordPress sites more functionality. And all of those things must adhere to the strict standards of the WordPress Codex.

Now there are many platforms for blogging. You can create your own website, but the time and expense involved can be high, especially if you are just starting out.

Another area to consider with WordPress is security. WordPress is constantly coming out with new updates, most are infused with security updates. However, keeping the latest and greatest version of WordPress is up to you. WordPress makes it easy to update to the latest version, but sometimes a WordPress update may disable some plugins, widgets or themes entirely. It’s best to proceed with caution and carefully weigh how much time will be dedicated to keeping the website software current.

One way to market your WP site effectively is to call it a “community” or a “resource” as opposed to a blog, this helps users relate to your site better and makes them feel like a part of it.

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