Protecting Your Credit During Divorce

This is the time of the year that normally gets me thinking. I receive Christmas cards from people that assume I share their sentiments about Christmas. This is my dilemma: how to I reciprocate?

However, there is such a thing as excess damage due to negligence on the part of the builder. Make sure you address this right up front and construction cards that it gets into your contract. Some pool builders aren’t willing to take on the risk of paying for yard damage.

There are some people who will find that confined space training is just what they need depending on the job they have. What you will find is there is certain confined space equipment that is needed in order to complete these things. When they have this, this then prepares them for the actual thing that they are going through.

Kids love making Christmas Ziticards. Most children will happily sit for hours with paper, scissors and glue, cutting and pasting to make cards for grandparents, uncles and aunts, neighbours, as well as their own friends.

The closest christmas cards celebration to our family is through the Powell Festival. It is a two-day community affair that takes place the weekend prior to the Fourth of July each year. One of the nicest things about the Powell Festival is that the fireworks are early enough that we can enjoy other local fireworks a few days later.

If Teddy Bears are one of your favorite things, get that involved. Have teddy bear pins. Make some big cut outs with the heads cut for everyone to put their faces into it. Place teddy bears all around dressed up. Put some teddy bear trivia on cards all around. Give each table a special teddy bear and talk about the bear. You gotta have a favorite. Pooh is not the only famous bear!

Copy and enlarge the pattern below. Trace the pattern onto the felt sheets and cut out the stocking. Using the hot glue to seal all but the top. On the card stock write the greeting that you want and glue it on to the from of the stocking. Let the stocking dry over night.

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