Feng Shui For The Bedroom – Keep Yourself Healthy

Scorpio is a water sign. This water sign has been described as competitive, energetic, difficult, passionate, mysterious, emotional, sexual, strong, stubborn, jealous, obsessive, compulsive and passionate. Keep these adjectives in mind when buying gift for a Scorpio.

The concept of Chi goes far beyond the art of Feng Shui. It is present in all the disciplines and areas of knowledge related to the Tao tradition: in different schools of martial arts, in breath gymnastics (sin tsi), in exercises for physical development, in the practice of internal alchemy for reaching immortality, etc.

Bedroom Feng Shui Items for Wealth Design Tips: The bedroom typically needs the Yin energy, which will help you to relax and calm down. Try to use soft furniture, upholstered chairs, and calming colors here. The colors don’t have to be dark, they merely need to be relaxing, such as pastel lilac, yellow, blue, and gray. However, the bedroom also needs to have some Yang in it. This can be achieved by using red – the color of love and warmth. Adding a red candle or pillow will suffice. You can use similar guidance for bathroom decorating.

Keep a bowl of fresh salt in the toilets. Toilets by their very nature are a source of negative energy wherever they are located. Hence it is advisable to keep a bowl of unrefined salt on the window sill of the toilet. It is said that the salt will feng shui items absorb the negative energy. Also do not forget to replace the wet salt with fresh dry salt every so often.

Feng Shui Interior Design – Decorate your bathroom so that it looks like a spa room in a luxurious hotel. Make it a place to go and relax, so that you can forget all the problems and hassles you are having in your day to day world. As I discuss at my books, use anything in the bathroom which makes you feel good. Trust your intuition. Always design in a way that lifts your spirits.

In Western Astrology the Rat is a Sagittarian which means all of us can expect the unexpected—in an unusually good form. This is also a year relatively free from disruptions so things are more likely to flow. All in all, it’s the perfect time to make some changes you most likely want anyway to release the energy of last year and allow all new, fresh energy to enter.

Secret of The Secret #3. Get on a Schedule that Works-Again this is not exciting stuff. But if we look at how much we worry about things and yet don’t take any action to handle them, getting projects scheduled and completed in a count-on-able way can go a long way toward freeing up the energy to move in the direction we desire. It helps to maintain our focus on positive things when we know that the things in our lives are being handled well. If our schedule is chaotic and we have no means for consistently managing our various responsibilities, too much of our thinking is caught up in putting out fires-handling emergencies that stem from being disorganized.

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