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Many herding breed dogs dislike fireworks (and thunder storms too). Belgians often prefer to avoid the bright lights and loud booms of a fireworks display. Luckily many Belgians who hate storms tolerate fireworks quite well. Surprisingly, most cats seem to enjoy storms and fireworks. My barn animals – horses, sheep, goat and donkeys – all stand and watch the shows too.

Start the day at 1 pm at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, where families can enjoy performances, crafts, and kid-friendly activities, all free of charge. Relax and enjoy music by Sousa, Betsey Ross, American Hero, and stick around to sign a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Don’t be scared of the sizzling forecast–the grounds are beautifully shaded, and many activities are indoors.

Hit up the carnival friday when it opens and enjoy rides and a wonderfully greasey dinner. Then take a nice 5-10 minute walk down to the Hockey Rink, lay out a blanket and enjoy the Top Qualität on top of the hill. The Hockey Rink is located behind the High School, beside the Police station, and is a less buisy yet superb view!

Plan ahead. Make a detailed plan for all of the things you need to do. Be thorough and try to do as much in advance as possible. The more you can get done before the holidays the less stressful the season will be. Include shopping, decorations, wrapping, meal preparation, sending cards, visiting family, and a schedule for the big day. This will help you get organized so you’ll get more done and you’ll feel less stressed. Make checklists so you can mark progress as you go. Another great tip is to have a backup plan in case things go awry.

There’s only one problem with that. When you give a bad performance in the real world you find out immediately. People give their hard earned federal reserve notes to Toastmasters. There should be an obligation to provide a valuable speech evaluation, not the most popular speech evaluation.

If your Belgian is only mildly distressed, it can pay off to take him outside and play with his favorite toy during part of the show (or storm, but please stay safe!). Ball and flying disc fanatics may ignore everything else while having fun.

Brighton in England is a popular choice for many people and it still makes my top eight destinations. There is plenty to do and the beach is excellent and on weekends there if often an art show with stalls on the beach. The pier is still one of the bets in the UK and Brighton is well located near to London.

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