Continuing Care For The Alzheimer’s Patients: Moving To A Memory Care Unit

Even though Dancer is a cat she is a Love Dog forever! She never minded working alongside the dogs. In fact she and Kirby were an awesome team. What could be better than a dog and a cat on your bed?

After he started having surgeries though his balance and speech started to deteriorate. He started to fall. I would start to receive calls that my father was in the hospital. I would then travel to help. This started to wear on me. I was working full time and had to get time off in order to take care of him. I could see he was getting worse and was falling more often. I tried to talk to him about living someplace where he could get some care like an Memory Care Communities Dallas TX facility but he would have nothing of it. “I can live by myself” he would say to me.

After all the sections of the painting are finished by your students, you can define a few details with ink or pencil. I drew in a few details with ink and it made a huge difference in the final painting- and all my ladies were very pleased with their final results. Always make sure to have them sign their names on their paintings so that they can show their families what they have accomplished.

The rest of the day consisted of going to several networking events to meet new elderly care providers in the Knoxville area and getting up appointments to meet them later and review their facilities to make sure they were appropriate for future clients that may need their services. This included pulling state survey reports on the nursing home and reviewing their licensure inspections.

Medicaid pays 100% once you are broke. How is that for a game plan? Without a long term care insurance policy you will be required to use your own assets and money until it is exhausted. Then, Medicaid kicks in. If you have dreams and goals of leaving money or an inheritance to a loved one, this route will bust those plans wide open and leave you and your surviving family very unhappy.

Finally, although we may find it uncomfortable or distressing to see someone we care for be tearful or unhappy, it can be very comforting for that person to actually be allowed to grieve for the losses of a life with dementia. Many family members are unwilling to do this. As caring people, they really want to “fix” things but we can’t fix someone else’s Alzheimer’s – yet anyway. So the very best thing we can do sometimes is to stand by that person. Or to sit by them. To be kind and accepting and pass the tissues for those tears.

If you look after someone who is agitated and upset all night long, for example, I’d urge you to seek help from a psychiatrist, neurologist or other medical specialist to assess whether there are other issues at work. For example, women who have been sexually abused as children may have night terrors. Retired veterans may have post traumatic stress disorder. Other people may have other dominant mental health conditions, as well as, or instead of, dementia and there is an expert out there who knows how to help you.

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