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Many individuals have a particular picture in mind when they think about the life of a big cat in the wild – the rich tropical rain forests of southerly Asia. For those that desire to do more than simply envision the scene, and also see it on their own by starting Tiger scenic tours, it will certainly soon become apparent that this is only one of the lots of kinds of habitats that the majestic animal can be discovered in. Like numerous members of the feline family members, they are extremely versatile, as well as can be located in a substantial and varied array of Asian climates as well as ecological communities. The most renowned and also powerful subspecies of all, the Bengal Tiger, can certainly be located in the heart of the forest – in addition to in a variety of other settings. Here are some of the places where sightings are possible on the Indian Subcontinent.


While they are most often discovered in forest areas, the sorts of woodlands they occupy differ widely. Those that check out greater than one wildlife reserve while on Tiger trips will certainly see differences in terrain, plant life, and other pet varieties as they travel. Several of one of the most popular parks are qualified by a particular sort of woodland, such as Ranthambore National Park, an area of exotic dry forests filled with hundreds of species of flowering plants, with much of the foliage passing away back in the wintertime. Various other parks contain a mix of forest habitats, such as Panna, where you can locate moist deciduous woodlands (perhaps the closest to the enduringly preferred photos of the ‘steamy jungle’ environment), subtropical dry forests, as well as teak wood woodlands. The renowned big cat can additionally be discovered in the evergreen forests in the north, and mangrove woodlands of the south. As long as there is sufficient cover for searching as well as a healthy population of victim species, they can grow in nearly any kind of kind of forest.

Grasslands and Wetlands

Much of the gets favoured by Tiger scenic tours consist of not just thick woody locations however open meadows, meadows, and marshes as well. The pet may prefer areas with plenty of trees when it pertains to finding sanctuary, however more open areas have their very own advantages, especially in terms of discovery and assailing prey – so it is not unusual for discoveries to occur in places where the forest satisfies the levels. Well known for their love of water, the big pet cats are specifically keen on meadows surrounding rivers, where they can hunt, fish, and shower.

Shores and Swamps

They might not be the initial pet that individuals connect with the seaside, but their adaptability suggests that certain populations are quite in the house in salt water. Among the biggest National Parks for Tiger excursions is the Sundarbans, a mangrove woodland straddling the boundary of Bangladesh and West Bengal, and residence to a huge populace that invest a lot of their time in the water.

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