Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus – Is It A Good Choice?

Thrush this, thrush that, thrush up, thrush down! What exactly is this thrush thingy and what causes it, can it be treated? These are a few questions being asked by many people like you all over the world.

The cistite sollievo immediato is made from an Australian tree. It does kill bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungus. It has anti bacterial and antifungal properties which make it appropriate for treating toenail fungus. This has made it an appropriate treatment for toenail fungus. You can buy the oil in your local drug store or homeopathic suppliers. You can mix it with other herbs but must be recommended by a qualified person.

Helps in calming eczema and dermatitis. This is proven, but it requires a doctor’s approval so that you can see effective results. Normally, they may allow you to include some during your bath.

First, you need to choose for the right tree oil product to be used for the treatment. It is always recommended to use the ones placed in tinted bottles to cure the infected area. The clear ones have the inability to stay longer in the skin for long hours. The tinted bottles keep the medicated oil inside free from the UV rays of the sun so it is protected.

Use of tea tree oil-According to advice of a physician, this oil can be used thrice daily. One or two drops of the oil can directly be applied to the infected finger or toe nails methodically to have a better result. People who feel uncomfortable in applying the oil directly, can go for infusing their nails in treating water, or may use powder or lotion.

When you use this oil, with Vitamin E supplements, it will help heal the blemishes and pimples,and will help reduce the visibility of mild acne scar tissues. You use this oil by dabbing a cotton swab into the tea tree oil and gently apply the oil on the pimples and scars before going to bed. Rinse it off in the morning.

Benefits of tea tree oil-This oil contains around 2% volatile oil, which is antibacterial in nature. Using a few drops in one’s bath, this oil helps lessen the symptoms of colds and flu. It is also helpful for sinus infection and dry scalp.

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