Surefire Tips To Help You Sell Your Diamond At The Best Price

Diamonds are something really very precious and beautiful, but to buy a proper, pure diamond you need a lot of knowledge, that is you must know the basics of diamonds to judge whether what your buying is genuine or not.

As mentioned above, many people prefer to see the diamond rings s they are buying in person. They find it more comforting to compare them in person. This is actually a fallacy. Judging a diamond’s quality does not need to be done in person at all. Once you know the specifications of your diamond, it’s very easy to select a good one. That being said, people that know less about diamonds may want to see certain specifications in person to know that’s what they like.

Whether you are buying diamond offline or online, being comfortable with the dealer is very important. If you found online jewelry stores or retail stores with great prices and feel tempted to take out your card and start buying anything, cool down first.

A diamond cutter will first evaluate the rough stone to determine the cut style. His goal is to keep the amount of diamond waste to a minimal. Once the shape is determined, the cutter will decide on the height, shape and length of the diamond. Technology enables a cutter to create a model that shows how the diamond will look before the cutting begins. This tool helps the cutter in determining the best diamond shape.

The 14 Karat Rose Gold 1.33 ct Black & White online diamond Heart Detail Ring will dazzle any man or woman who receives it as a gift in celebration of a special anniversary. This handsome ring is rich with diamonds and features lovely heart cutouts on each side. The 14 karat rose gold shines, while the domed center of the ring features sixty-nine round cut white diamonds in prong settings. Black diamonds – seventy-six of them in all – surround the white ones in an elegant flanking pattern. This handsome ring contains a total diamond weight of 1.50 carats. It’s a ring that any special recipient will be proud to wear.

Regarding the recommended color range of the Marquise diamond, one has a bit more flexibility with the Marquise. As always, it is difficult to give an objective guide to the preferred color level of a diamond, as it is a very subjective rating. Some people like the colorless or near colorless look more, and others prefer the “warmer” look of a tiny tinge of color in the stone. The generally accepted preferred range though for Marquise is that the best colors are up to the G-H range, with many actually preferring the side of the warmer G and H colors levels more so than the cooler and more “icey” level of more colorless levels.

Diamond rings today are fun and fashionable. Gone are the days of boring gold bands with a solitaire. Today you’ll find a combination of diamonds and other gems, as well as stylish diamond clusters. Diamond rings today are a real fashion statement and they are designed to be worn with any outfit on any occasion so isn’t it time to put add at least one to your wardrobe.

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