Keeping Track Of Characters When Writing Fiction

What you think is the impressive part of any novel? Yes, the beginning of any novel! Those first lines are very important. They should be effectual and influence the reader so that reader continues to read. This could be the first step towards writing a successful novel and getting it published. Beginning of the story is very crucial for new writers and the writers who are trying to establish themselves.

My theme is fame. My approach to fame is that people in our society need fame so badly they create people to carry fame for them without any regard for how those people really feel.

If you are sitting there staring at the blank screen get up, walk around. Take a long walk, or bike ride. Take a shower, eat a snack. You aren’t procrastinating as much as you are clearing your head. Once your mind is clear go back to the screen and see what you can come up with. If you’ve already started your novel you might find with a clear head that the ideas flow more easily and you can pick up that thread. So take a break, and get away from your project for awhile, just don’t forget to come back to it.

It’s very common for aspiring writers to want to write a novel but to not know what they should write about. You don’t have to join them in their confusion. Use the following tips to help you get from wanting to write a novel to getting that remarried empress written.

For the reader to be entertained from the start, that is from scene one, he must meet the key character straight away, i.e. in the flesh. The reader needs to see the key character in action with other minor characters.

Along with original work, you need to make it little colorful. It should not be overly simple. The reader wants something that brings grin or smile on face.

What time of day will work best for you? Pick a time when you can work uninterrupted. If your family doesn’t see the importance of it, you might have to get creative. Write at a coffee-shop. Take up jogging. Find a secluded place along the way, where you can hide out and work on writing a novel. Or, if all else fails, slip into the bathroom for your writing break. Once you’ve dedicated yourself to a daily time schedule, honor it unless a true emergency arises.

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