How To Write Powerful Powerpoint Presentations Or What Was I Thinking?

There are hundreds of PowerPoint templates in the Microsoft Office library and thousands other available for download online. What are the criteria for choosing a PowerPoint template that could help you to ace your presentation?

When you find a picture that knocks you cold, buy it and use it as your background template. Then look for additional images that build on the theme of the first one and use them where appropriate–perhaps to define your topics.

Keep them uniform all throughout the presentation. You may be tempted to make use of different template designs all throughout the Powerpoint presentation. Don’t. It doesn’t just look too annoying to your audience, but it will also bring down your credibility. Consistency is always associated with professionalism. It will also save you a lot of time and effort.

This first website has some awesome Christian templates. You can browse the most downloaded templates on the front page. If you do not see anything there that you would want to use you can browse their categories. They have many templates to choose from including Bible templates, Cross templates, and Abstract templates. You can visit this PowerPoint template site by clicking the link at the bottom of this guide.

Perhaps you’ve heard me say it before, but it is a truth worth repeating. You are the presentation; your PowerPoint is only an add-on. Put another way, you are the host of the party; PowerPoint is the art on the wall.

Right Font: do not use a template that have a lot of pre-set small text. There is nothing wrong to use bigger font size but it’s definitely a problem using a very small font size. Remember! Your audience needs to read your stuff! Do not exact them to read your stuff on your printed copy of PowerPoint presentation.

You will then see all the individual objects selected in the slide. Simply click away from the select objects and then click on any one object, actually lets change one of the buttons. Once you have selected the button, right mouse click and choose Format Autoshape. You should notice that the Format Autoshape dialog box is similar to the Autoshape dialog box you use for standard drawing object.

As a web developer, I always use premium templates. I think they are worth the cost for a professional design and good quality. When investing in a new project or business I believe in investing in quality. If you are skimping on the important things your business will suffer. I have seen people who want to start a new online business decide that buying a $85 template is too expensive. If $85 is too expensive for a new venture then maybe you need to rethink your entire idea.

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