How To Start A New Lawn By Laying Sod

Anyone who has a front yard or a garden would certainly want to improve it through home landscaping. But the problem is that people want to get started on it too fast that they tend to commit serious mistakes in their landscaping project.

The project or job gets delayed for a couple weeks. A couple of weeks later, they get information from another landscaper. This landscaper took two weeks to get out his brochure, but his stuff looks just as good, and since they are now ready to proceed (and can’t remember where they put your information) they use your competitor.

You can look at other homes as you drive around your neighborhood to come up with some ideas. Home magazines and TV shows are also useful for gathering design ideas.

Once deciding on the contractor, and the landscape YOU want. Ask about payment. There are 2 ways generally a contractor will ask for payment. The first is a 50% deposit before the construction commences and 50% on completion. The second is installments at certain stages of the construction. These are both normal practices, and it is generally the contractor who decides this but can also be negotiable. NEVER give full payment in advance!!!! NEVER!!

What most people are afraid of is how much one would cost. After talking to a “pool installation expert,” they think that the only way to go is to buy an out of ground pool from a department store that you either have to blow up or build yourself. Fits up to 10 people. Only lasts one summer. Sound familiar?

If your house’s surrounding grounds are attractive and well tended by a Landscaper Morris, your neighbors will smile when they drive past. Not only will they like they way your place looks, they will probably want their houses to look just as lovely which will improve the look of your whole neighborhood. Well-groomed neighborhoods maintain their property values over those that aren’t kept up. Your neighbors may ask you for the name of the yard care specialists who have been tending your front and backyard.

This can be all sorts of samples… from brickwork to paving slabs to fence panels & varnishes. Even shrubs & grass can be asked for… sounds silly but can make a big difference from idea to reality!

Getting referrals on a potential vendor is important. Any reputable company will have no problem in providing you with a list of current and past clients who will give recommendations. If they are reluctant to give you this information, there may be an underlying reason as to why they won’t do this for you.

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