Celebrity Cruise Deals For The Springtime

River cruising has quickly become the vacation of choice for many Boomers and Pre-Boomers. This is because it’s a very easy, affordable and experiential vacation choice. But, are you ready for a river cruise? Let’s take a closer look.

Place a “cruise wanted” ad on an online ad site. Be detailed and precise in your ad. You will be amazed that you get to be called by their agents on the first day your ad came out on the web.

You may be able to book your own tours in advance that are not associated with the cruise lines and save money. Just make sure you are back in time before your cruise departs since the ship is not affiliated with the private tour that you decide to purchase.

Neither has to be an excuse, as you can easily find a cruise that lasts a day or two and which can cost, at the moment, from between $150 and $375. While most such cruises actually do go somewhere, some are actually a “cruise to nowhere”. The ship leaves port, sails around for the time of the cruise, and generally returns to the port from which it left. Many such cruises are offered by cruise lines such as Carnival, on excellent and exciting ships. The entertainment and accommodations are often the same as those enjoyed on longer Lake Minnetonka.

The cruise itinerary will of course have a bearing on what to pack. You would not necessarily want to pack summer dresses for an Iceland cruise. You probably would not want your best winter gown for a cruise to the Southern Caribbean.

Celebrity is one of our favorite cruise lines. It’s a bit more elegant. They are still family-friendly, but also cater to couples and a mature crowd. You will find that both the food and service are a notch higher than most other cruise lines. They operate eleven cruise ships around the world.

You can see how just a few small changes to your daily spending habits over time, can pay for a very nice cruise vacation. How quickly could you fund this cruise if you cut out a couple other daily expenses? Maybe drop two specialty coffees each week? The key is to make a plan that you could live with and stick to it. If you have always wanted to take a cruise, it is within reach with a little effort and discipline.

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