12 Social Media Marketing Myths

Complaint sites like Complaint Board, Rip-Off Report and Pissed Consumer can destroy the reputation of a business in the matter of months. How to fight Google and Win is constantly updated to adjust to any changes that may take place in Google’s page-ranking system.

12- Do address negative comments or criticisms about your product, service or brand. web reputation personale is a big thing in social media. Don’t let negativity go unaddressed and be sure to remember others are looking on, so do it in a professional, non-confrontational way that will earn you the respect and admiration of others.

A thorough research is required to evaluate the most read online platforms by your prospects. Once you’ve shortlisted those mediums, start posting your articles, blogs, press releases, etc. to join the league of the leaders in your domain of business. You can also participate in the ongoing discussions to better connect with your customers/prospects.

Create cohesion with your team. Everyone in your business needs to be on board, and in sync before you can begin. Your messaging should have a singular “voice”.

Recently I was contacted by a consultant who specializes in marketing of consultants. OK, I’m listening. So I get the pitch and it sounded like a great deal. We hashed out all the terms and conditions, I checked her references and was ready to write a check. Then my security instinct kicked in. As soon as money is to leave my bank account and head towards another, I begin to think differently, its how I’m wired. I did a search online of this consultant and the company she works for before I sent the check.

It’s always worth consulting a good team of SEO consultants to get an insight into the finer points of how the big names determine your relevance to users, and how you can present the most appealing image to them. One basic fact that experts are agreed on is that good marketing is good SEO. Google have said in the past that good SEO is forgetting that search engines exist, but these days no one can afford to do that, and there are ways that you can help your site get onto results pages that go beyond simple good marketing.

When you are looking for a company proficient in online reputation management, then you need to make sure that the company has a huge amount of experience. Make sure that the company offering impeccable online reputation management service provides you with a quote that’s reasonable and fair. Be sure to ask for feedback about the company and proceed only when you have the right kind of testimonial.

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