10 Tips To Selling Your Home Fast For A Good Price

I’ve been thinking about running against Phil Gingrey. Ever since I found out he was running unopposed for the House seat in the eleventh district, I have been unable to think of anything else.

We got into a lengthy discussion at that point and I explained to him that we are the government and if there was something wrong with it, then in fact he needed to buy a mirror so he could see who is really to blame. He started to get a bit hostile and told me we do not own the government anymore, it is now so large it tries to control every aspect of our lives; he launched into another tirade. This time he talked about; legalizing certain drugs, FCC control of his TV set, Gulf Start Correctness in the schools, seat belt and helmet laws, standing in lines at airports, right to shoot someone who tries to steal from you; on and on he went. I mean really another 15-minutes ensued. Patiently taking in all his complaints about the over litigation and trampling of civil rights and freedoms.

If we take a microscopic view within each woman’s heart, we will see the compromises most make to fit into a mostly dominant/male society that chooses war over education and peaceful tolerance. Our world needs a more subtle, more quiet revolution, a change of direction that follows an intuitive and creative nature of a woman’s mind; we need to search for new meaning in a world laced with chaos and driven by fear.

With the U.S. dollar in a surprise uptrend, this leaves commodity speculators — many of them leveraged long — caught in the middle. It is no longer safe to assume that commodity prices can only go in one direction, up, or that buyers will always overwhelm sellers. For that reason we can probably expect more commodity-related “flash crash” instances in future.

So is Obama the reincarnation of Lincoln? I think he thinks he is, and maybe some of his supporters agree, but I don’t think so. FDR maybe? Well he’s sure inventing government programs to fix our financial straights, so maybe so. He’s sure picking up where FDR political communications company left off!

At these times the prices can move so fast that it is almost impossible to get in and make money. So you may decide instead to open a trade before a planned announcement. You are sure that when the news breaks, the price will go in a particular direction. But how can you be sure? Opening a trade at a time like that is just like betting on the announcement.

The bill for all this nonsense is in the mail friends. When it arrives and the envelope is opened you’ll know it. The whole world will be able to hear the collective sigh of misery utter forth from the lips of those of us not so bedazzled to have bought into all this foolishness. Wait and see, and it won’t be long.

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